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Varalika Kumar

05 September 2022

I made the Shyft

You know, every time I sign up a customer for classes or convince them to have faith in us, I tell them they will never regret making the Shyft with…

Dhruv Prakash

22 August 2022

The future of Employee Wellbeing – INDIVIDUALIZATION

Corporate wellness programs have been doing the rounds since the 1980s, pioneered in its current avatar by Johnson & Johnson with its Live for Life program. Since then, the movement…

Dhruv Prakash

16 July 2022

Our tryst with Tech Hiring

We’ve been building & growing our team at Shyft over the last few months. One of our priorities has been to build a solid tech team — and boy, have…


03 January 2022

Why we made the Shyft

While we started "Mindhouse" with a focus on mental wellness (as the name suggests), over the last year we've become a leading provider of curative wellness solutions for a large…